Friday, May 30, 2008

Foundations Program - Lesson 2 (partial assignment)

As I previously mentioned, I'm taking an online photography class (partial program) by Vickie Byerley called Foundations (click here for more info). I'm finally moving on to Lesson 2 which focuses on reinforcing the rule of thirds (ROT) previously discussed and also on composition (focusing on the eyes and watching the crops). We have a fairly large assignment of pictures we have to take to demonstrate understanding of the concepts and then posting them to the Foundations Forum (access to Program is only for paying students - but you join the public forum for free). The first post is to demonstrate focusing on the eyes (tack sharp!). I was able to snag a model for an hour today to play with my new gear (including background) that I just purchased. The second photo shows the ROT intersecting lines and middle lines (based upon composition rules, etc.). These are all straight out of the camera (SOOC) with no post-processing in Photoshop (my goal is to strive for minimum touch up in Photoshop).

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anna said...

These are great photos of John!