Monday, June 30, 2008


I now own I registered the domain last night through, which is a great site for registering domains. This is the second time that I used them. I had really wanted to register, but a search revealed that is was already registered. I emailed the person to see if they would be interested in selling the domain when they informed me that they were not and that Capturing Life Creatively was trademarked and copyrighted. Wow! Not good. So, I have promptly removed anything and everything related to this phrase from my photography data.

Hence, the updated blog name (make sure to update your blog subscription services) and blog header. Stay tuned for my new logo and design! We should be releasing it within the next week.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blue Angels

We were quite fortunate to have the Blue Angels visit Huntsville this past weekend at the Huntsville Airshow. They are truly amazing to watch. It's hard to believe that there are even any space between planes. Unfortunately, I still don't have my dream lens (70mm-200mm) so all I had to shoot with was my little 50mm. I was quite pleased with a few of the pictures though. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Print Special

Wolf Camera, the on-location version of, is offering a special for prints by mail. Your 4x6 prints are only $0.09 each when shipped to your address. This offer is good from July 1st through July 10th. Shipping does apply, but for the quality of print you get - it's worth it! Now, get ready to start uploading to and start printing!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back it Up and Protect It

This has more to do with the hardware side of photography. As I previously mentioned, I bought a Seagate external hard drive to begin backing up all of my photos and important documents. I only leave it plugged in when I have downloaded new pictures or images.

Recently, my anti-virus software of choice upgraded to a newer version and didn't offer a "free" version any longer. So I was forced to download AVG 8.0, the full trial version, in the interim. Luckily, AVG has decided to once again offer a free anti-virus program for personal use. Provided you don't use Outlook for email, AVG is an awesome program to serve all of your anti-virus needs. I've used them for over 5 years with little to no problems.

For spyware, I use Spybot and AdAware. Both are excellent (and free) programs. I was reading an article in Publix's Greenwise Market magazine that discussed donating or recycling your old electronics (think hard drives). They advised of a free program called Darik's Boot and Nuke program that supposedly erases hard drives to DoD standards. I don't believe everything that I read, but it's at least worth checking out!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fear the Kid

I found this on Simply Splash's blog. It's hilarious (and my fear)!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Local Events

Today has been a fun week since I've been to attend not one but two photography events here in Huntsville. A local photog friend tipped me off on the Huntsville Photographic Society's meeting at the Main Library (7pm) each month. Monday night was focused on light. Local photographer Muril Robertson gave the presentation. His focus is on landscape and panorama photographs, but he did an excellent job of presenting on the broad topic of lighting. He even uploaded assignments for us to do in order to improve one's photographic skills. Even cooler, he used to teach mathematics at Auburn - my alma mater! War Eagle! He's won many photography award locally, nationally, and globally.

Tonight I attended another photography class at Wolf Camera off Hwy 72. It was supposed to be on 'Lighting in the Home', but the teacher got the presentation mixed up and ended up giving a different lighting class. It didn't matter to me, lighting is one topic that I am still struggling to learn.

Lastly, here's a blog 'must read' tip for you. Jodie Friedman over at MCP Actions has been posting an interview over the last two days she conducted with Christopher Becker, a.k.a. Becker the Photographer. Becker is an awesome photographer, and I've been following his blog and [b] school information. Check out both Jodie's blog and Becker's blog sometime.