Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Local Events

Today has been a fun week since I've been to attend not one but two photography events here in Huntsville. A local photog friend tipped me off on the Huntsville Photographic Society's meeting at the Main Library (7pm) each month. Monday night was focused on light. Local photographer Muril Robertson gave the presentation. His focus is on landscape and panorama photographs, but he did an excellent job of presenting on the broad topic of lighting. He even uploaded assignments for us to do in order to improve one's photographic skills. Even cooler, he used to teach mathematics at Auburn - my alma mater! War Eagle! He's won many photography award locally, nationally, and globally.

Tonight I attended another photography class at Wolf Camera off Hwy 72. It was supposed to be on 'Lighting in the Home', but the teacher got the presentation mixed up and ended up giving a different lighting class. It didn't matter to me, lighting is one topic that I am still struggling to learn.

Lastly, here's a blog 'must read' tip for you. Jodie Friedman over at MCP Actions has been posting an interview over the last two days she conducted with Christopher Becker, a.k.a. Becker the Photographer. Becker is an awesome photographer, and I've been following his blog and [b] school information. Check out both Jodie's blog and Becker's blog sometime.

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Meghan said...


So you know how non-advanced I am with my camera now... any thoughts on how or where to start as far as a class? Shan told me you've taken several. Thanks!