Sunday, May 11, 2008

Foundations Program - Assignment 1

I finally started my online photography class by Vicky Byerley, founder of Foundations Photography Forum. You can register for free access at the forum (limited access) or you can join her Full Program (8 assignements with upload and critique from Vicky) or her Partial Program (same as full without direct critique from Vicky). You can visit Vicky's blog to get additional information about the program.

I decided to participate in the Partial since I'm staying really busy at work right now. The first lesson focused on Composition and Rule of Thirds. These were not new topics to me, but the assignment of capturing two "up close" and two "rule of thirds (ROT)" shots proved quite challenging. Today was a bright but awfully windy day. With no one to serve as a model, I resorted to using Cherokee and Pinnochio. I should use critique back within a couple of days.

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