Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Photography Class

I decided after my first newborn photo shoot today that I still have a lot to learn. Someone had recommended that I take Vickie Byerley's Partial Program through Foundations so I finally decided to sign up today. I'm really looking forward to the 8 tutorials and the 8 assignments. You can work at your own pace (a concern of mine with my lack of time these days) and have full access to the forums for feedback and critique (very important). So, I'll be posting on here as well from my assignments. Below is one of my favorite photos from the newborn shoot today. She's such a cutie in her "big girl panties"!

Baby L.

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Mary Tyler S. said...

what a fantastic picture! You have real talent! I'm still figuring out my camera and I hope to take pictures like this one day.

ps I had so much fun with your mom this week at our conference!