Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cost of Photography

I've been challenged this week trying to think of a pricing scheme for photographs. I have two new clients that will need me to give them a price sheet for the upcoming photo session. After much thought and deliberation, I've finally decided what I'll use to start off with. Just email me if you would like to know.

A fellow local photog pointed me to a recently started photography forum, the Sweet Spot Forum, which I've been trying to follow on a fairly regular basis. One posting was a link to an article that explains why professional photographers charge the seemingly high prices (unless you're one of them buying all of the equipment and software, not to mention spending hours learning how to take photos and perform touch-up in the complicated software). I thought I'd share this link since this post is being made on the day that I decided on MY price sheet. Hope you enjoy reading this and walk away with a better appreciation of photographers. I know I did after reading it (and taking up this wonderful, yet expensive, hobby).

Caught on Fire Film Photography

"Why are Professional Photographers so Expensive"

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