Thursday, December 11, 2008

Buying Business Cards

While I'm still procrastinating to upload favorite shots from the last five sessions that I've done over the last two months, I thought I'd post about the websites from which to buy business cards.

I actually bought mine through WHCC and was somewhat pleased. They use digital printers (similar to ink jets), and the solid parts in my graphics didn't appear as continuous as I had hoped. I do like the glossy full color front/back option though and pricing is great at 250 cards for $30.

Another cheap option is from VistaPrint. They offer free business cards using their designs or you can have the Premium Business Cards in full color front/back cards printed with gloss for around $30 for 250 cards (pay for initial image upload and cheaper for reprints).

A friend of mine used 48HourPrint and the cards looked fantastic! Full color back/front and gloss on back/front with pricing at 500 for $55 (price includes Aqueous Gloss Coating which looks great).

My sister, a graphic designer in Atlanta, uses Moo for printing who has fantastic quality. They're based in the UK and offer MiniCards that are really neat! Their pricing is a bit higher than those above but the quality is amazing!

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