Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maternity Shoot

I had a really busy schedule last week. Three photo shoots in three days! No wonder my arm was sore after shooting with my 70-200 three straight days in a row. But, it takes some awesome pictures.

Here's a few images from the maternity shoot. She's due sometime in the next two weeks. She was a great sport through the entire shoot - even laying down on the cold concrete in my garage for the high-key shots!


kellymartinau said...

The first one-the greyish one- is my favorite! What a neat, different pose. And I don't usually find myself in love with "belly pics" (Still haven't done any with this pregnancy... :-), but I really love these! Especially that first one, that's just very cool! Great job Casey! You're so great at this!

Shannon said...

These are absolutely beautiful, definitely need to be my photographer when Nathan and I get ready to have a baby. ;)