Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm pregnant!

Whew, it feels good to finally get to tell everyone! We wanted to wait for a couple of things. First, the 8 week appointment to make sure the pregnancy test was true and that everything was ok (see the 8-week ultrasound below) which it was. Secondly, we wanted to tell our family first (opportunity occured finally last weekend). And third, I wanted to tell my work first so they didn't hear it second-hand. Now, we're telling all of our friends. We're so excited!

I'm currently starting my 12th week of pregnancy and will have my 12 week check-up on Friday. Almost out of the first trimester! I've been really blessed to not really have any morning sickness other than the stomach cramping caused by the prenatal vitamins. My only real complaint is the severe fatigue and lack of sleep that I've already started getting (or lack there of). I'm just tired all the time. Hence the reason I haven't been blogging much lately. As you can see from the photo, I'm due March 3, 2009.

And you know what this means, lots of fun designing an ultra cool birth annoucement! Good thing I followed through with the Bellies and Babies seminar that I went to a couple of weeks ago in Nashville! I got loads of great ideas that I now get to implement.


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Again, I'm so happy for you! I am going to start staying more up to date on my blog reading...had I been reading I would have known...boooo on me :) luv u!